Jan H. Avatar

Besides being really knowledgeable, Dr Gibbings is a real pleasure to be around. The office staff is upbeat and friendly and the build-out if clean and modern.

Our previous vet often put our dog on a leash and pulled her reluctantly to a 'scary' back room. We went here and the vet tech lovingly picked her up (65 lb lab) and carried her to the X-ray room. Our dog was calm so they did not sedate her. That is a customized (and logical) procedure. We were very quickly in and out with a happy dog.

Jan H. 3/07/2020
Crissy L. Avatar

This is one of the things we have to thank the Universe. Having a pet and trusting a great Vet with a professional clinic behind is priceless. We have being taking our gentle giant to Dr Young for couple years. Well she is sweet and has a lot of knowledge. Not only that, West Coast Animal Hospital has fair prices and a well prepare staff. To make an appointment is easy and you don’t wait long to be attended. I guess we were traumatized by the last clinic that was the exactly opposite of WCAH. We brought our 10 year old Great Pyrenees today for his regular adequan injection. Btw since he started thanking was life changing. We had the opportunity today also to meet Dr Melinda which we also liked a lot.

Crissy L. 2/21/2020
Beau G. Avatar

Paris treated me right. Very good experience. Can't go wrong with any of the doctors. They're all very experienced.

Beau G. 2/16/2020
Luis L. Avatar

The best animal hospital in San Diego! Very caring and professional. I love the fact that they do not try and sell their agenda, promote sponsored food and/or products, or add extra procedures. They are truly honest and top of the line.

Luis L. 11/25/2019
Devon M. Avatar

My favorite veterinary clinic to date! We are a military family who has moved 4 times in my dogs 7 years of life, so I can really say we have been to our share of vet clinics!

Every member of the staff were so welcoming and pleasant. I was able to get in the same day and schedule surgery for the following day. Everything was thoroughly explained beforehand and I was left with no questions after surgery either. The vets were able to put my mind at ease and keep my dog from being too anxious. I feel everyone actually enjoys their jobs and are there for the animals! I met two of the vets and both were just so sweet to my girl. I would recommend to anyone in the San Diego area.

Pricing is very reasonable. Everything is very organized, clean, and roomy. I had my two young sons with me and they made it a breeze.

Thank you West Coast Animal Hospital!

Devon M. 7/27/2019

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